President Ty Vicenti

Ernest Petago


Council Martin Perea Adrian Notsinneh Council
Philbert Vigil Sr. Wainwright Velarde
William E. Muniz Lillian Veneno
Bilford Vicenti Sr. Leon Reval

The tribal government was established in 1937 with its own constitution and by-laws.  The Nation is setup as a three branch government with the legislative branch being a elected president, vice-president, and eight council members.




Department of Labor:
  • JTPA
  • Youth Employment
  • 060 Employment
Health & Human Services:
  • CCIC
  • Child Protection Program
  • CHR
  • Community Center
  • Mental Health & Social Services
  • Multi-Services
  • Senior Citizens
Public Safety:
  • EMS
  • Fire Protection
  • Law & Order
  • Safety Department
Education & Recreation:
  • Community Education
  • Day Care
  • Department of Youth
  • Federal Programs
  • Head Start
  • Higher Education
  • Language & Culture
  • Library
  • Research
  • Video Technology
Natural Resources:
  • Department of Agriculture
  • EPO
  • Forest Development
  • Game & Fish
  • Land Administration
  • Oil & Gas Administration
  • Water Wells
Public Works:
  • Construction
  • Fencing
  • Maintenance
  • Roads
  • Transfer Station
  • Tribal Services
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Apache House of Liquors
  • JAHA
  • Jicarilla Shopping Center
  • Tribal Credit
Other Departments:
  • Arts & Craft
  • Chieftain
  • Community Development
  • Contract Roads
  • Radio Station
Support Departments:
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Election Board
  • Human Resources
  • IEDC
  • IRMP
  • Public Relations
  • Taxation
  • Treasurer
  • Tribal Health

Mission Statement

The following mission statement for the Jicarilla Tribal Government reflects the intent of the Tribe through the Tribal Constitution to maintain tribal sovereignty, enhance the well-being of its members, protect land and resources, and work with the U.S. Government in administering the affairs of the Tribe.

The Jicarilla Apache Tribal Government is accountable and responsive to the needs of Tribal members, and through the leadership of the Tribal Council, committed to carrying our the intent of the Tribal Constitution by promoting the well-being of tribal members, protecting its land and resources, and maintaining a positive working relationship with the U.S. Government and other governments.

The Jicarilla Apache Tribe will mobilize its human, technical, and financial resources to plan, develop, maintain, improve, and otherwise facilitate the continued economic, social, political, and cultural growth and development of its present and future members.

The elected and appointed officials, department directors, supervisors, and staff employees of the Tribal Government are charged with using and developing their individual and collective skills and work efforts to provide the Jicarilla Tribe and its members with continuous financial security and an improved quality of life delivered in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  The Tribal Government encourage professional growth and development through education and training and notes the importance of each employee as a contributor to attaining for the Tribe a level of service of which all members can be proud.

  Information courtesy of IRMP


New Jicarilla Apache Nation Headquarters in Dulce, New Mexico

Old Jicarilla Apache Nation Headquarters in Dulce, New Mexico